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HVR Agent Plug-in

Extendable data integration

HVR Agent Plug-in

HVR is extendable with a plug-in. Platforms that are not on the list can be supported using a plug-in that you can write.

HVR extendable support

Files can be captured and copied or moved to a different location. CSV and XML files can be processed for a table target. As a target HVR, can write files in multiple formats including Parquet, JSON, Avro, CSV or XML with many options to fine tune the format and define compression. Compare is supported through Hive external tables, or directly by reading/parsing the files.

Platforms supported via agent plug-in include:

Apache HBase, Amazon S3, Cassandra, Google BigQuery, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Azure Event Hub, Amazon Kinesis, Tibero, Hive ORC.

What you get with an HVR subscription:

Key Features: See how change data capture, data validation and repair, and reporting all in one tool simplify data integration management.
Table Creation and Initial Load. Mapping data between source and target is automated and made easy.
Log-based Change Data Capture. Only the changes are moved between source and target, a low impact way to move data.
Data Compare. Have assurance your data is accurate. HVR includes the ability to compare data before consumption.
Insights: This tool gives you the ability to view how data is moving in real-time, be proactive and identify chokepoints.

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Whether you’re moving your data to a data lake or data warehouse, from on-prem to the cloud, we support it.

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Amazon Redshift
Amazon RDS Replication Solution
Cloud-hosted PostgreSQL
Amazon S3
Cloud-hosted MySQL
Snowflake on AWS
Snowflake on Google Cloud Platform
Snowflake on Azure
Google BigQuery
Cloud-hosted Apache Kafka
Microsoft SQL Server
Azure Synapse Analytics
Microsoft Azure DLS
IBM DB2 on z/OS
IBM DB2 iSeries (AS400)
Cloud-hosted MariaDB
HVR Agent Plug-in

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