From ETL to Pipelines:

The Evolution of Integration



Time was, the main way you moved data around the organization was via the old-world process called: Extract-Transform-Load, aka ETL. That was what you did. Oh, sure, there was Change Data Capture, aka CDC, and that process actually dates back to the mainframe!

But, Alas! Things have changed! The pressure of big data forced real change throughout the information economy. Many major companies like Facebook and Google and LinkedIn decided to roll their own solutions. This, combined with other specialized technologies, created a whole new world.

Today, modern “data pipelines” are used to fuel mission-critical processes at-scale. These pipelines are much more sophisticated than the atomic process of ETL. And the end result? New business models are possible; old business processes can be reinvented, and lots of time and money can be saved! Check out this episode of Query This with Host, Eric Kavanagh, and special guests, Mark Van de Wiel of HVR Software & Michael Pickett of Talend to learn more!


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