Easily Integrate Data Between Your Different Platforms

Learn more about how HVR delivers a simple yet comprehensive approach to high-volume real-time data replication.

Whether you plan to use data replication for real-time reporting, big data analytics or ongoing cloud integration, you need a complete set of capabilities to get up and running.

With HVR you can:

  • Move Large Volumes of Data Fast in Complex Environments
  • Enable Bi, Uni, and Multi-Directional Data Movement
  • Simplify data management with a single point of control
  • Deploy for many use cases

HVR has proven its stability and robustness. It keeps on running and running with minimal maintenance effort. HVR guarantees secure delivery of all our data.
– Director of IT, PostNL

HVR is the only solution to provide all relevant real-time data integration capabilities in a single unified environment. Our solution enables you to perform reliable, high-volume data synchronization and real-time replication between databases and file systems.

Real-Time App Integration

Rich Platform Support

With HVR, you can move your data between the most commonly used relational databases, file systems, data-warehouses, data lakes, cloud systems, and more.

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All-in-one Box

HVR includes everything you need for real-time data replication:

This all-in-one solution comes in a less than 100MB download. Not only is it a small download, but is easy to manage and use. You can control all of these features through a Graphical User Interface. (GUI)

It’s pretty simple to use and it mostly gets the job done without fuss. –Analyst Programmer, Kent Police U.K.

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