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Insights — Visual Statistics

Make informed decisions on data movement

Key performance metrics, such as latency and data volumes, and meaningful insight of multiple sources to target data flows at your fingertips. Insights consists of Topology and Statistics, learn more below.


This feature, uses intuitive visual elements to provide multiple key attributes of every data flow in a single overview, including:

  • Direction of the data flow or channel
  • Relative number of tables being replicated per node
  • Indication of latency, split between Change Data Capture (CDC) and integration
  • Indication of whether latency thresholds are exceeded, again split by capture and integration

Topology provides you with live call-out reports giving you deeper insights on your data movement, as well as drilling down into the historical metrics per data flow/channel.


Monitor your data flow in real-time

As you move high volumes of data across your environment, visibility and management is critical. HVR offers reporting and monitoring features that enable you to monitor your data flow in real-time.

Beyond Insights, you also have the option to output your data into a RDBMS, Excel spreadsheet or third-party reporting tools. HVR’s monitoring function gives you a centralized view in a single window and can be integrated into your enterprise monitoring solution including Slack.

Benefits include:

  • Visibility into data movement
  • Automated error notifications

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