Change Data Capture

Replicate data in real-time with minimal impact. Change Data Capture (CDC) is how HVR replicates data changes in real-time. As its name implies, CDC identifies changes and can then synchronize incremental changes with another system or store an audit trail of changes.




CDC comes in multiple flavors, including trigger-based and log-based. HVR gives you the option to use both types. However, log-based CDC is superior since it can be applied to all possible scenarios, including systems with extremely high transaction volumes. Our product includes log-based CDC for all supported relational database sources.

Minimal Impact

Log-Based CDC captures changes and moves only the changed data, creating minimal impact on the source systems.

Fast Performance

HVR directly reads the logs on the file system allowing highly efficient change data capture, supporting large volumes of data.

More Flexibility

Log-Based CDC capture supports more data operations such as truncates and enables support for DDL capture.

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