Data Validation and Repair

Any database system can encounter errors. Interruptions in operations can cause differences in your replicated systems, leaving you with out-of-sync data. Worse, you may not even be aware that this occurred.

Our data validation feature tells you whether your data is in sync and alerts you if there’s a problem.

This validation feature supports many relational database management systems. When data types are compatible, the differences are managed automatically. You can also manually specify transactions to easily compare incompatible data types, differing data structures, and alternative naming.

Some key functions of Data Validation and Repair

  • Compare your database records with one or more target databases
  • Perform comparisons in efficient bulk mode or the more detailed row-by-row
  • Deliver detailed comparison reports

With HVR, you benefit from a simplified way to ensure your data remains in sync

  • Prevent major (and disastrous) errors
  • Have confidence in the data you are moving
  • Easily identify and correct errors

Big Data Compare: How it Works

How do you make sure your data is bit correct in the source and target systems? In this video, learn how the Big Data Compare feature in HVR enables you to make sure your data is correct and in sync. VP of Field Engineering, Joe deBuzna, explains how the Big Data Compare function works in HVR, why it is important for your business, and how it can identify and mitigate errors.


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