Data Validation
& Live Compare

Be confident your data is accurate and in sync. Our data validation feature tells you whether your data is in sync and alerts you if there’s a problem.

This validation feature supports many relational database management systems. When data types are compatible, the differences are managed automatically. You can also manually specify transactions to easily compare incompatible data types, differing data structures, and alternative naming.


Data validation is taken to the next level of measuring data accuracy with our Live Compare feature.

1. Live Compare

Merge the changes in the HVR transaction files with any detected differences based on selecting the data from either side of the data flow. You can then give an exact answer on whether two systems are in sync, irrespective of in-flight changes.

2. Two-Pass Approach

Used to validate if databases are in sync or not, regardless if they are being replicated with HVR or any other replication tool.

3. File Compare

Perform a direct reading of the files instead of relying on Hive external tables to retrieve the data. This new approach no longer requires implicit data rounding and truncation as part of coercion and is more scalable than the existing approach using Hive. This also saves the cost of running Hive in the cloud.

Confidence in your data:

Know that the data you are delivering to your teams is not only on time but accurate. They can feel confident they are making business decisions with the correct information.

Easily identify & correct errors:

No need to spend countless hours trying to identify errors and re-run integration jobs. Find and fix errors in minutes.

Spend time on what matters most:

When data is in sync, you can spend more time optimizing data flows and other priority workloads.

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