Management and Operations

Total cost of ownership for many software implementations is determined by the administrative effort to manage and maintain the environment once the system goes live.

HVR is extremely well-architected to limit administrative efforts to manage real-time data replication environments:

  • The hub is the central point of control and all logs are stored there.
  • Administrators have access to an easy-to-use with rich context-sensitive on-line help GUI to interact with the hub.
  • All functionality is available through straightforward, easy-to-learn commands that can be used to script automated tasks.
  • HVR is upwards and backwards compatible to allow users to adopt new features or implement fixes by only upgrading the necessary installation(s) to take advantage of the latest capabilities.
  • Administrators can configure maintenance tasks for lights-out management. HVR will send alerts as needed by email or through SNMP traps into management software such as HP Open View, Nagios or Oracle Enterprise Manager.

HVR provides administrators access to rich statistics it retrieves out of the detailed data replication logs. Administrators can simply get a graphical overview of system activity over time, or slice and dice the data to drill into the detailed DML operations on individual database objects. An integrated process can store historical statistics in the database, or users can simply copy the metrics and create their own charts.

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