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Oracle to SQL Server Replication

Real-time Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server Replication

Data Replication
from Oracle to SqL

HVR Software makes data replication from Oracle into Microsoft SQL Server easy, low impact and high speed and preserves integrity. It is simple to install and manage.

Organizations often consider Microsoft SQL Server as a lower-cost alternative to an Oracle Database. Furthermore, SQL Server's reporting services provides an extensive reporting environment at an attractive price point. Projects start with off-loading reports to the SQL Server environment and as the database administrators grow comfortable with SQL Server more of the workload is shifted.

One of the most challenging parts during such a transition is the data movement. This is where HVR can help, because HVR supports:

  • DDL generation for Microsoft's SQL Server tables based on table definitions in Oracle.
  • Initial load capabilities from Oracle into SQL Server using automatic data type conversions. HVR tracks on-going transaction on a live system to ensure that after initial load real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) can synchronize the databases.
  • Efficient log-based CDC directly from Oracle’s redo and archive logs.
  • Data comparison between Oracle and Microsoft's SQL Server, including repair capabilities.
  • Efficient log-based CDC directly from SQL Server’s transaction logs if in the case that the data flow needs to be reversed.
  • Replication definition and management through an easy-to-use HVR graphical user interface.

Replicating from Oracle into MS SQl Server, with log based capture and parallel integrate:  no impact on the source and high speed on the target, while preserving integrity

Convinced? Try this in your environment.

See how easy it is in this video showing the setup of HVR replication between Oracle & SQL server.

Or Request a Free Trial right now

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