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Customer Story

Atos: Reliability is the Name of the (Data) Game

Customer Story

Atos: Reliability is the Name of the (Data) Game

Customer: Atos

How Atos Maximizes Value of IT Services to Its Customers

Atos uses HVR to Minimize Downtime and for Data Warehousing


Atos runs a highly successful business, managing outsourced IT services—everything from data centers, server farms and network communication systems to local PCs, software applications and printers. In addition to performing functions such as managing software licenses and delivering help desk support, Atos also helps large companies roll out new software or software upgrades to thousands of employees worldwide.


  • Minimize possible downtime of the business critical IT service systems.
  • Implement a data warehouse for real-time data reporting.


HVR replicates data between CA Service Management and hot standby databases in multiple Atos locations and updates the data warehouse in real-time.


  • Oracle, Ingres

Use Case:

  • Hot Standby
  • Data Warehouse

Integration / Consolidation

Data Warehouse / Data Lake

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