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AWS_Advanced_Technology_Partner_NetworkAs an Advanced Tier Partner, we provide AWS customers with an efficient way to simultaneously and securely move their data between AWS platforms and services, such as S3 and Redshift. In addition, high volumes of data can be moved from organizations’ relational database management systems into their AWS destination in real-time, so customers can continuously integrate their data on the AWS cloud and have it available for real-time analysis.

Common cloud real-time data integration use cases for HVR customers include:

  • Moving data from a variety of sources to S3
  • Migrating on-premises data to a hybrid cloud on AWS
  • running real-time analytics in the cloud, or integrating into various cloud systems

HVR uniquely can capture data once and deliver it to multiple destinations in real-time enabling efficiency in modern, complex environments.

Compression, log-based data capture, and flexible architecture allow HVR customers to achieve fast data movement and greater efficiency on AWS. Furthermore, by building upon the already existing security of AWS by operating alongside AWS’s Key Management System (KMS), HVR is able to ensure secure data movement.

  • Best Practice Guides
    • Best Practice Guide: Data Integration into AWS
  • Videos
    • Webinar: Best Practice for Data Integration Into AWS
    • Webinar: Streaming Real-Time from On-Premise Databases to Big Data in the AWS Cloud
    • Demo: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Replication Made Fast and Easy
    • Demo: Simplifying Cloud Adoption: SQL Server to Azure DLS in Real-Time

If you would like to better understand how HVR can help you with your cloud data integration project, please visit our cloud data integration product page or contact us.

Best Practice Guide

Best Practice Guide: Data Integration into AWS

Our guide contains:

  • What is takes to move data efficiently into AWS
  • How you can perform large data transfers without sacrificing performance
  • Tips on how to move your data within the cloud securely and at rest
  • Which AWS products make sense for your projects

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Interview from theCUBE at AWS re:Invent 2019

HVR and Snowflake, Partners in the Cloud

At AWS re:Invent 2019, HVR Partner, Chris Degan of Snowflake, and HVR CEO, Anthony Brooks-Williams, sat down with the hosts of theCUBE for a live chat about data movement, AWS, real-time analytics, and more.


  • Chris Degan, CRO, Snowflake
  • Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO, HVR


  • Lisa Martin
  • Dave Vellante

Interview from theCUBE at AWS re:Invent 2018

Delivering Data without a Doubt

At AWS re:Invent 2018, HVR Customer, Paul Specketer of SUEZ, and HVR CEO, Anthony Brooks-Williams, sat down with the hosts of theCube for a live chat about data movement, AWS, real-time analytics, and more.

In this ten-minute video, find out how SUEZ has benefitted by using HVR and AWS as their data integration and storage platforms. Learn how the BI team at SUEZ “got their weekends back” and can feel confident in data accuracy.


  • Paul Specketer, Enterprise Data Architect, SUEZ
  • Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO, HVR

theCUBE Hosts:

  • John Walls
  • Justin Warren

Webinar: Best practices for data integration onto AWS

Integrating data into the cloud for real-time analytics require some considerations as to how to do it successfully. In this webinar, HVR CTO, Mark Van de Wiel talks about best practices HVR customer have employed in order to ensure successful ongoing data integration onto the AWS cloud.

Webinar: Streaming real-time from on-premise databases to big data in the AWS cloud

Having the capacity to move data seamlessly from on-premise databases to the cloud often requires significant internal effort and resources.

However, the ability to move and integrate data seamlessly across heterogeneous systems in real-time is becoming mission critical in today’s ever growing connected environments. Watch our video to see how easy it can be to mitigate this challenge.

In this on-demand webinar, we will show you how easy it can be to sync real time data changes from SQL Server to multiple destinations. This download takes less than 100MB of space and runs in minutes.

Demo: Amazon Web Services (AWS) replication made fast and easy

Setting up replication into Amazon’s databases such as Relational Database Service (RDS Replication), Redshift and Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) is made fast and easy with HVR. This video shows the replication of an on-premises Oracle database data into an Oracle Database on an EC2 server and Redshift using the HVR Image for AWS. No local installation on AWS needs to be performed so set-up is quickly and easy. Loading data into Redshift is efficient by using the copy-from-S3 feature of Redshift – all controlled and configured by HVR.

Blog: AWS Data Integration Tools

real-time cloud data integration

AWS Data Integration Tools

Today, IT embraces the cloud. AWS, the market leader per Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, is a major beneficiary of the recent trend of IT embracing the cloud. However, like with any technology platform, it isn’t a given that organizations can simply sign up for an account and reap immediate rewards without a careful approach. Organizations interested in leveraging the power of AWS should consider the following best practices when architecting data integration solutions.

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