Data Integration onto Azure

Datasheet: HVR’s Data Integration Support for Azure Technologies & Services

With organizations shifting workloads to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is already the second-most popular public cloud provider.  This datasheet describes HVR’s support for hybrid cloud data integration with Azure technologies.


Three Things to Consider: Microsoft Azure Data Integration Tools


Cloud data integration can apply to a variety of use cases: whether it be from various sources into an ADLS data lake, migrating on-premises to the Azure cloud, running real-time analytics in the cloud, or integrating into cloud systems. Organizations interested in leveraging the power of Azure should consider the following three tips when architecting data integration solutions:

  1. Secure Your Data
  2. Optimize Network Utilization
  3. Validate Your Data

Customer Stories

Royal Dutch PostNL

PostNL offers mail, parcel and e-commerce products and services in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.


  • Reduce costs to create a competitive advantage by replacing on-premises data centers with cloud infrastructure.
  • Migrate applications, data and IT infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Enable on-going intercloud integration


  • Oracle, SQL Server, Azure, Amazon EC2

Use Case:

  • Data Migration to the Cloud
  • Ongoing Intercloud Cloud Data Integration


How One Fashion Retailer is Modernizing Their e-Business with the Cloud and Real-Time Analytics

ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retailer known amongst young adults for affordable and on-trend clothing. If you aren’t familiar, ASOS is not simply an e-commerce site, it serves as an online destination for 20-somethings on-the-go with over 20.1 million social media followers.

As their business increases in global popularity, they found they needed to architect an IT solution that meets their global expansion requirements. ASOS sought to improve their IT infrastructure with elastic and scalable solutions that would withstand growth while keeping IT costs controlled. This meant ASOS needed to replicate high volumes of data from the Oracle Retail Suite main database to two target databases in near real-time to support operational dashboards/reports and a supplier portal. ASOS legacy systems also needed to be decommissioned and historic data moved to a current cloud-based supportable platform.

In this webinar, Solution Architects Neal Higham from ASOS joins Zulf Qureshi from HVR to discuss the solution ASOS architected, how HVR helped enable it, and the business results achieved.

Use Case:

  • Oracle Retail Suite On-Prem to Azure


Simplifying Cloud Adoption: SQL Server to Azure DLS in Real-Time

In this webinar, learn how you can easily integrate from your SQL Server databases to Azure DLS. The demo portion of this webinar is about 30 minutes into the video.


Joe deBuzna, VP Field Engineering, HVR

Glenn Goodrich, Director of Enablement, HVR


July 17, 2018

Replicating into Microsoft Azure

This recorded demonstration shows the setup of HVR delivering data into Microsofts’ Azure using HVR Image for Azure – a preconfigured image of a virtual machine in Azure enabling you to start replicating from and into Azure in minutes. Data out of an on-premises Oracle database is replicated to a new empty Azure SQL database covering all real-time replication steps: (1) table creation, (2) initial load, (3) real-time replication and finally (4) validation (compare) to ensure the system are in sync. This video is also useful for any other database destinations in Microsoft Azure. Contrary to the video, the image is now delivered through the Azure marketplace instead of the Azure gallery.

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