Real-Time Data Integration to Apache Kafka®

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On this page, learn about how you can feed  Apache Kafka in real-time from your RDMS.

Datasheet: HVR is a Confluent Certified Connector for Kafka

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that is used to:

  1. Distribute data between systems or applications
  2. Build real-time applications that respond to data events

HVR is a Confluent Certified Connector for Kafka providing native, high performance data delivery into Kafka, and integration with schema registry.

The HVR technology delivers end-to-end data integration capabilities to set up and manage real-time change data capture and continuous data delivery with Kafka as a target.

Demo: Data Integration into Kafka Demo

HVR on PremSQL Server to Amazon AWS Redshift and Kafka

This is a 30 min demo walk through how to use HVR to quickly setup capturing real-time changes from an on-premise SQL Server database and sending them to both Amazon Redshift and Apache Kafka hosted on AWS.

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