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Deploying a Data Lake in the Cloud

Webinar: Deploying a Data Lake in the Cloud

Is your organization adopting the Cloud? Are you involved in any discussions about implementing a Data Lake?

In this webinar, HVR experts Joe deBuzna and Mark Van de Wiel in this provide practical, real-world knowledge about how to integrate data successfully into your cloud-based data lake. They address common cloud and data lake deployment concerns such as: integrating data from multiple sources, moving data securely, validating data and more.

This webinar also features a live demo of HVR’s latest Data Lake release to continuously move on-prem data into a Data Lake on S3, and programmatically validate data correctness.

What you will learn:

  • Evolution of data integration that led to Data Lakes
  • Common challenges when integrating data into a Data Lake and how to overcome them
  • Best practices for integration into, out of and between Clouds