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Extracting the Value of SAP Data

For some of the largest, most well-known organizations, its SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications comprise the most critical data generated for primary business processes. To attract new customers, retain current customers, increase revenue streams, and decrease risk, organizations need to leverage all of their data for a 360-degree view and broader analytics.

Often, extracting and integrating SAP data for a consolidated view can be costly and resource-intensive. Plus, SAP’s options to access the data don’t provide the capabilities organizations need.

Good news—there’s a better way to extract SAP data—an option that is seamless, efficient, and cost-effective.


Download this eBook to learn:

 Solutions for extracting SAP data for cloud computing

 How log-based CDC optimizes the integration of SAP with other sources, such as Snowflake’s cloud data platform

 Real examples of how organizations leverage HVR’s SAP extraction capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and achieve business outcomes

HVR customers unlocking their SAP data