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Emerging Best Practices in Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Emerging Best Practices in Hybrid Cloud Strategies with Operational, External, and IoT Data

Many companies are beginning to acquire IoT data and more external data sets for completely new forms of analytics. These large, external and streaming data sets are a source of insights on their own, but companies are quickly realizing the tremendous value in integrating these with their existing operational systems and databases. This has given way to a set of new architecture patterns and data engineering best practices that are being incorporated into cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. This presentation explores some of the proven strategies, new technologies, and lessons learned from these early pioneers.

In this DBTA hosted webinar, along with Radiant Advisors, we explore and share industry research and field experiences that include:

  • How architecting with cloud based services are changing enterprise architecture decisions
  • How real-time analytics are engineering data flows that are leveraging operational data
  • How data lakes are bringing together on-premises operational data with large external data sets for analytics
  • How new technologies and ecosystems require specific knowledge to align with SLAs