Fast, Continuous Data Replication into Snowflake with HVR

Deliver fresh and accurate data to business users for real-time analysis

Solution Brief_SnowflakeHVR’s real-time cloud data replication solution paired with Snowflake unlocks data in complex and hybrid cloud environments (including SAP, SQL Server, Oracle, and other on-premises technologies), enabling real-time data updates, data access, and analysis.

HVR and Snowflake remove the complexities of data movement, allowing organizations to leverage the totality of enterprise data to better serve customers, improve operational efficiencies and competitive differentiation.


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  • How you can quickly and securely route high volumes of data into Snowflake with little to no impact on the sources system
  • How you can ensure you’re delivering complete and accurate data from one source of truth
  • How you can leverage HVR and Snowflake to consolidate high volumes of data from multiple sources for timely and cost-effective predictive analytics

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