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GoEasy’s Road to Real-Time Analytics

GoEasy’s Road to Real-Time Analytics

Hear Directly from GoEasy About Their Journey From Batch to Real-Time

GoEasy, a Financial Services company based in Canada, provides consumer loans with a promise of fast decision making. They needed a faster way of integrating data between their SQL Server systems.

In this webinar, Anu Oladele, Director of Data Science & Business Insights—GoEasy and Joe DeBuzna, VP of Field Engineering—HVR, will discuss how they worked together to architect a solution that enabled GoEasy to achieve real-time business insights and faster loan processing speeds. They will discuss the business use case, their process, and share a technical overview of the solution developed as well as plans for scaling their solution.

Joe deBuzna, VP Field Engineering, HVR
Anu Oladele, Director, Data Science & Business Insight, GoEasy

March 29, 2018

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