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Real-Time Replication of SAP Data to Snowflake

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Curious about how you can integrate your powerful SAP data for real-time analytics from Snowflake?

The unlimited scalability of Snowflake’s cloud data platform and HVR’s unique change data capture technology, provide customers with an effective solution for continuous, high-volume data replication and integration. As a result, customers are leveraging the power of real-time analytics to make better business decisions. And so can you!

Join Snowflake’s Sales Engineer, John Gontarz, and HVR’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Van de Wiel, as they discuss and demonstrate how these two solutions can enable a broader view of your business and real-time decision making.

During this event, you will learn:

  • How HVR’s log-based CDC technology extracts data from SAP systems
  • How Snowflake makes SAP data consumable for the end-user
  • How to optimize data processing on Snowflake
  • How HVR and Snowflake enable accurate and up-to-date data

They will also walk you through a demo of data replication from SAP to Snowflake using HVR.

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