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Customer Story

U.S. Coast Guard: Achieving Real-Time Analytics

Customer Story

U.S. Coast Guard: Achieving Real-Time Analytics

Customer: United States Coast Guard

How the USCG used HVR to offload reporting and reduce latency


The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one of the country’s five armed services. In times of peace, USCG operates as part of the Department of Homeland Security, serving as the nation’s front-line agency for enforcing laws at sea, protecting the coastline and ports, and saving lives. When the nation is at war or on direction of the President, USCG serves under the Navy Department. USCG uses HVR to replicate data in real-time from the production system it uses to maintain its fleet of aircraft to a second database for use in reporting.


  • While enabling real-time analytics, minimize impact of reports running against the production system
  • Needed a real-time replication technology to keep reporting and production systems in-sync


HVR enables USCG to minimize the impact of reporting with HVR’s log-based CDC technology. Efficient processing and effective compression mean that data transfer across data centers does not introduce latency.


  • Distributed workloads
  • High Availability of Data
  • Latency reduction


  • Oracle, Ingres

Use Case:

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