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Customer Story

Lufthansa Flight Planning: Real-Time Analytics

Customer Story

Lufthansa Flight Planning: Real-Time Analytics

Customer: Lufthansa Systems

How HVR Helps Keep Airplanes in the Air


Lufthansa Systems, a division of Lufthansa Airlines, is one of the world’s leading providers of IT services in the airline industry. It serves roughly 300 national and international airlines comprising more than one-third of all airlines worldwide.  Among its many offerings, Lufthansa Systems offers Lido/FPLE (flight planning services), which determine the most effective flight routes in terms of cost, fuel and time.  By optimizing flight routes, Lido/FPLS generates millions of dollars in extra profits for its customers each year.


The data necessary for up-to-the-minute flight planning must be replicated to the central data repository at Lufthansa Systems. Optimized plans must be replicated back to the customer airlines.


  • HVR replicates bi-directionally between the central source to hundreds of different target databases at customer sites all over the world – even over restricted network links.
  • Some customers use HVR for HA and reporting.


  • Lufthansa gathers real-time data from customers in real time
  • Customer airlines gain local access to real-time flight planning data
  • High performance, scalability, and robustness


  • Ingres
  • Oracle

Use Case:

  • Bi-directional replication
  • Geographical Distribution
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