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Mobicom: Offload Data from Oracle to SQL Server

Customer: Mobicom

How a Growing Telecom Company leveraged HVR to Manage a Growing Customer Network


MobiCom Corporation (Mongolian: Мобиком Корпораци) is the largest mobile phone operator in Mongolia. Established in 1996, MobiCom pioneered mobile technology in Mongolia where it today has 33 percent of the mobile service market. MobiCom has been pivotal in transforming Mongolia’s economy by providing essential telecommunication services including long distance and local telephone services, facsimile services, TV and public card payphones, internet services, and prepaid card services.


  • Handling data loads as network coverage increased
  • Providing BI solutions group real-time information


  • Automated offloading of data from two Oracle Databases into a SQL Server Database


  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Improved customer service
  • Better customer insights for innovation


  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

Use Case:

  • Database Replication
  • Real-time reporting
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