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Customer Story

Pitney Bowes: Achieving Real-Time Analytics with SAP and Snowflake

Customer Story

Pitney Bowes: Achieving Real-Time Analytics with SAP and Snowflake

Customer: Pitney Bowes

How Pitney Bowes leveraged HVR to achieve real-time analytics



Pitney Bowes Inc., a technology company founded in 1920 and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, provides global commerce solutions. Through its global eCommerce, Presort Services, and SendTech Solutions segments, the company provides eCommerce, shipping, mailing, and software solutions that help its clients succeed by simplifying the complexities of commerce and enabling billions of transactions around the world.


Reduce processing times of daily batch feeds to power business intelligence dashboards, providing internal stakeholders with up-to-date financial, sales, and marketing data.


HVR enabled the Enterprise Information Management team to replicate data in real-time from multiple sources into Snowflake to power business intelligence dashboards, giving them the ability to perform analyses across different teams from a single source of truth without impacting database performance.


  • HVR significantly reduced processing times allowing for a near real-time view of data.
  • Replication through HVR reduced ETL batch loads in one instance from 31 hours to under 2 hours, another from days to under 1 hour.
  • Additionally, HVR provided the ability to easily share real-time data between teams.



  • SAP/Oracle
  • Snowflake on AWS


Use Cases:

  • Real-time data warehousing
  • Enterprise data integration
  • Data warehouse / data lake
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