Real-Time Analytics

Understanding Real-Time Analytics

Modern organizations throughout the world utilize Real-Time Analytics to make faster, and better business decisions. Every day, organizations transition to real-time systems to avoid being left behind in an ever changing data driven world.

We created this section to provide more information about real-time analytics and the impact of real-time information on business.

You may find more information in the form of:

  • Videos
    • Webinar: Staying On-Trend with Technology
    • Webinar: GoEasy’s Road to Real-Time Analytics
    • Video: Continuous Data Integration for the Modern Enterprise
    • Product Demo: Real-Time Business Intelligence – Oracle to Teradata and Greenplum
    • Product Demo: Real-Time Data Delivery from an Oracle Database
    • Webinar: The Case for Continuous Data Integration
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    • All Aboard the Prescriptive Analytics Express
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    • Different Approaches to Real-Time Analytics

Predictive analytics

To get started, we recommend the following video in which HVR CTO Mark Van de Wiel gives a history of analytics and then discusses how predictive analytics can allow for a more efficient business future. He shares a scenario in which a Data Lake, HVR and data can be used for predictive analytics.

Customer Stories

Lufthansa: How HVR helps keep airplanes in the air

About: Lufthansa Systems, a division of Lufthansa Airlines, is one of the world’s leading providers of IT services in the airline industry. It serves roughly 300 national and international airlines comprising more than one-third of all airlines worldwide. Among its many offerings, Lufthansa Systems offers Lido/FPLE (flight planning services), which determine the most effective flight routes in terms of cost, fuel and time. By optimizing flight routes, Lido/FPLS generates millions of dollars in extra profits for its customers each year.

Challenges: The data necessary for up-to-the-minute flight planning must be replicated to the central data repository at Lufthansa Systems and optimized plans must be replicated back to the customer airlines.


  • Ingres
  • Oracle

Use Case:

  • Bi-directional replication
  • Geographical Distribution

United States Coast Guard: How the USCG used HVR to offload reporting and reduce latency

About: The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one of the country’s five armed services. In times of peace, USCG operates as part of the Department of Homeland Security, serving as the nation’s front-line agency for enforcing laws at sea, protecting the coastline and ports, and saving lives. When the nation is at war or on direction of the President, USCG serves under the Navy Department. USCG uses HVR to replicate data in real-time from the production system it uses to maintain its fleet of aircraft to a second database for use in reporting.


  • While enabling real-time analytics, minimize impact of reports running against the production system
  • Needed a real-time replication technology to keep reporting and production systems in-sync


  • Oracle
  • Ingres

Use Case: 

  • Database Replication
  • Real-time Analytics
  • High Availability

Whitepaper: Continuous real-time integration for real-time analytics

Understand Why ETL Data Integration Approaches are Insufficient and How Log-Based CDC Enables Continual Integration

Because companies once made business decisions based on reports of historical data, they could only address events after the fact. Today, business leaders are increasingly looking to improve responsiveness by using real-time analytics to understand and address business challenges in real-time. To achieve real-time analytics, businesses need to integrate data from a variety of sources in real-time.

In This Whitepaper You Will Learn

Why traditional extract, transform, and load (ETL) data integration approaches are insufficient to meet the demands of real-time analytics How organizations can achieve business agility through real-time analytics by taking advantage of solutions that integrate data in a highly flexible manner How to keep up with growing data volumes and shrinking processing windows Why Log-Based Change Data Capture is an optimal solution for real-time data integration


Webinar: Staying on-trend with technology

ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retailer known amongst young adults for affordable and on-trend clothing. If you aren’t familiar, ASOS is not simply an e-commerce site, it serves as an online destination for 20-somethings on-the-go with over 20.1 million social media followers.

As their business increases in global popularity, they found they needed to architect an IT solution that meets their global expansion requirements. ASOS sought to improve their IT infrastructure with elastic and scalable solutions that would withstand growth while keeping IT costs controlled. This meant ASOS needed to replicate high volumes of data from the Oracle Retail Suite main database to two target databases in near real-time to support operational dashboards/reports and a supplier portal. ASOS legacy systems also needed to be decommissioned and historic data moved to a current cloud-based supportable platform.

In this webinar, Solution Architects Neal Higham from ASOS joins Zulf Qureshi from HVR to discuss the solution ASOS architected, how HVR helped enable it, and the business results achieved.

Webinar: Goeasy’s road to real-time analytics

Goeasy, a financial services company based in Canada, provides consumer loans with a promise of fast decision making. They needed a faster way of integrating data between their SQL Server systems.

In this webinar, Anu Oladele, Director of Data Science & Business Insights—Goeasy and Joe deBuzna, VP of Field Engineering—HVR, discuss how they worked together to architect a solution that enabled Goeasy to achieve real-time business insights and faster loan processing speeds. They discuss the business use case, their process, and share a technical overview of the solution developed as well as plans for scaling their solution.

Continuous data integration for the modern enterprise

Watch this video featuring Director of Research at 451, Matt Aslett, HVR CEO Anthony Brooks-Williams, and HVR CTO Mark Van de Wiel discuss why a continuous, real-time data integration strategy is imperative for the modern enterprise.

Real-time business intelligence – Oracle to Teradata and Greenplum

This video shows data loading from an Oracle source into Greenplum AND Teradata simultaneously using HVR. HVR loads data in real-time at high speed into both environments without causing load on the Oracle source. HVR supports both Change Data Capture and initial data load.

Real-time data delivery from an Oracle database

This 2014 video shows HVR delivering data real-time from an Oracle database into ActianVector, to speed up reporting with Tableau. Without loosing the real-time aspect, reporting is sped up by several orders of magnitude. Setup is quick and easy.

Webinar: The case for continuous data integration

How do you drive the most value from your data? There is growing attention on the need to process and analyze data in motion. As your business looks to generate additional value from multiple data sources, simply processing historical data is likely not going to be enough.

In this webinar you will:

1. Learn how continuous data integration can drive value for your business

2. Gain insights into how leading global organizations have implemented this approach

3.  Find out how this approach can help eliminate data silos

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