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Real-time Data Replication for Geo-Distributed Tax System

Customer: Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service


Founded in 1943, the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) is responsible for assessing, collecting and accounting for the various taxes owed to the Nigerian government. With its population of 162 million people, Nigeria is divided into 37 separate tax districts, spread over almost one million square kilometers and has around 800,000 registered taxpayers. For a Revenue Collection agency like FIRS, quality service delivery and accurate tax information is critical to success


Real-time data replication across 37 distributed tax regions


HVR provides extremely efficient data transport over Nigeria’s restricted WAN. The HVR central management console enables FIRS to streamline the dataflow across their entire tax administration system


Real-time geographical distributed data replication. Single point of control. Flexibility, scalability and robustness



Use Case:

Distributed replication

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