Leveraging log-based CDC and Snowflake for real-time BI

SAP Data Lakes Powered by Snowflake

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Does your organization seek to leverage its SAP data for greater reporting? Is it considering Snowflake as a destination for a broader view of the company for better analytics?

Hear from data experts from Snowflake, Intricity, and HVR as they discuss the power of Snowflake as a data lake destination for storing and querying on data from SAP and more.

Snowflake, known for its efficient, fast cloud-based platform for analytics, is quickly becoming the top cloud-based data platform. In this webinar, you will see how to best utilize the platform with your SAP data. Get answers to questions such as:

  • What tools are available to stream data from SAP?
  • How can I integrate data from SAP systems and more into Snowflake?
  • What type of architecture should I consider for this approach?
  • How do I manage access and control?
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