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  • Customer Stories
    • Teach for America
    • Mobicom
    • Epsilon Marketing
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    • Demo: Oracle Replication to SQL Server
    • Demo: Heterogeneous, Real-Time Replication SQL Server to PostgreSQL
    • Demo: SQL Server to Redshift and Kafka
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    • Data Replication Between MSSQL and Oracle
    • SQL Server Replication: SQL Transaction Logs

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Datasheet: HVR’s SQL Server Database Support

HVR supports SQL Server Database as a source for change data capture, and as a target for data delivery.

The SQL Server Database is a very commonly used database, often running very demanding and mission-critical workloads. SQL Server is a common data source for analytical environments and data lakes. This data sheet describes HVR’s support for the SQL Server Database as a source for change data capture, and as a target for data delivery.


Customer Stories

Case Study: Teach for America — Database Migration

How Teach for America used HVR for Database Migration with Minimal Downtime

About: Teach for America is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all children have access to an excellent education. It puts high-achieving young people into under-resourced, struggling schools with the aim of changing students’ lives for the better and producing civically minded leaders. Today, the organization has more than 55,000 corps members and alumni and has reached millions of students across 53 regions of the United States. Teach for America relies heavily on its website to recruit prospective teachers. Prospective teachers use the site as a portal to obtain information about the program and apply to it. So, when the time came to migrate the Oracle database that supported the website to Microsoft SQL Server, the organization needed to minimize downtime. The IT team relied on HVR to simplify and speed this database migration process.


  • Migrate production database from Oracle to SQL Server with minimal downtime


  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

Use Case:

  • Database Migration

Case Study: Mobicom – Offload Data from Oracle to SQL Server

How a Growing Telecom Company leveraged HVR to Manage a Growing Customer Network

About: MobiCom Corporation (Mongolian: Мобиком Корпораци) is the largest mobile phone operator in Mongolia. Established in 1996, MobiCom pioneered mobile technology in Mongolia where it today has 33 percent of the mobile service market. MobiCom has been pivotal in transforming Mongolia’s economy by providing essential telecommunication services including long distance and local telephone services, facsimile services, TV and public card payphones, internet services, and prepaid card services.


  • Handling data loads as network coverage increased
  • Providing BI solutions group real-time information


  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

Use Case:

  • Database Replication
  • Real-Time Analytics

Case Study: Epsilon Marketing - High Volume Data Movement from Oracle to SQL Server

About: Epsilon Marketing is a U.S.-based marketing services company that uses engagement and direct response marketing to lead its clients’ customers through the purchase funnel. Epsilon’s goal is to help its clients deliver the right message at the right time to the right prospect. It has succeeded in this approach by analyzing up-to-date and accurate customer data to gain customer intelligence.

Challenge: Real-Time Data Replication Between Oracle Production Databases and Microsoft SQL Server-Based Data Warehouse


  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server

Use Case: Real-Time Data Replication


Demo: Oracle Replication to SQL Server

This recorded demonstration shows HVR Software’s data integration solution. The demo starts with software download and all the way through installation to getting a first working real-time replication scenario setup between an Oracle source database and a SQL Server destination.

Demo: Heterogeneous, Real-Time Replication SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Using HVR, real-time data replication in heterogeneous environments is extremely easy. This recorded demonstration shows an end-to-end demonstration of HVR 5 to setup and perform real-time data synchronization of a SQL Server database into open source PostgreSQL, with an active workload running on the system.

Video: SQL Server to Redshift and Kafka

This is a 30 min demo walk through how to use HVR to quickly setup capturing real-time changes from an on-premise SQL Server database and sending them to both Amazon Redshift and Apache Kafka hosted on AWS.

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