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How a Leading London Hedge Fund Built a Modern Cloud Data Platform

Are high volumes of distributed data sources, incompatibilities between systems, and security and regulatory requirements impeding your ability to adopt hybrid or multi-cloud solutions?

During this session, Mark Stacey, Head of Business Intelligence at Marshall Wace, LLP, one of London’s largest investment firms, shares how they successfully implemented an efficient and cost-effective solution to modernise their legacy data infrastructure.

You’ll hear how Marshall Wace can make faster, data-driven decisions and gain deeper analytical insight by consolidating high volumes of trading data into Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Marshall Wace, LLP efficiently replicates high volumes of data from SQL Servers to Snowflake for accurate, real-time data access and analytics
  • Why log-based CDC and a distributed architecture is the most secure and efficient way to move high volumes of data from on-prem environments to the cloud
  • The importance of adopting scalable and agile solutions that can accommodate evolving and growing business needs
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