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Webinar: Data Lake Technologies

Three Data Lake Deployment Examples using Different Technologies

“Data Lake is a concept, not a technology” is a common quote we hear about Data Lakes. Data Lakes are most definitely a concept in how companies manage growing volumes of data sources and types. The technologies selected are a realization of this concept. So where to start?

In this webinar, learn about technologies that have served as a data lake for some of the largest organizations in the world. These organizations have used different technologies and strategies for managing their data lake. At HVR, we help these organizations integrate their data from multiple sources into their data lake.

In this webinar, HVR VP of Field Engineering, Joe De Buzna and CTO Mark Van de Wiel, share customer successes, challenges, and technologies used in their data lake projects.

What you will learn:

  • Three different technologies used for “data lakes”
  • Considerations when deploying a data lake in the cloud
  • How to continuously integrate data into your data lake
  • How to create a data lake that can be trusted

If you would like to discuss the different technologies for your data lake project, we welcome you to contact us.