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How to Build a Data Lake with HVR

HVR_whitepaper_data_lake_coverThe first part of this paper describes general considerations for creating a data lake, and the various technologies or architecture you may consider.

The second, and bigger part of this paper, describes a high-level how-to for building a data lake with HVR, continuously moving data between transactional, often operational, databases into the data lake, focused on a scalable file system as a target.

Data lakes are also commonly deployed on scalable relational database technologies like Snowflake, using HVR to feed the data. Such setups are much closer to regular data replication, with quick starts in the HVR documentation to help you get started.

The paper includes many screenshots to help guide you. You should read this paper when you are ready to build your first data lake on a scalable file system using HVR. This paper assumes you have at least a minimal understanding of HVR concepts and terminology.

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