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AWS Data Integration

Continuously integrate high volumes of data from a variety of data sources onto AWS

HVR for AWS Data Integration offers:

Flexible Architecture

A distributed architecture gives you the freedom to design and manage your data flows for optimal speed and efficiency.

Secure Transfer

Security is of utmost importance for anyone involved with data. Our data is encrypted at rest and while in flight. Our architecture enables a firewall proxy in hybrid scenarios. We also offer AWS KMS support. We are continually making security enhancements to help you keep your data safe.


Real-time data delivery isn’t only about real-time analytics, it is about ensuring data is moving in the most efficient way possible. With our architecture, proprietary compression algorithm, and log-based change data capture, we help ensure your data is continuously flowing.

Integrate AWS with these platforms:

Amazon RDS

Amazon S3

Amazon EMR

Amazon Redshift

Amazon EC2

Amazon Aurora

Some of our systems are very busy. A table might have 8 million total records and make one million updates on top of that… With HVR moving data into the (S3) data lake, we can now keep track of everything and we’re not forced to delete anything. Our source systems can’t keep all these historical changes, but the data lake can.
Supply and Logistics

Whitepapers & Datasheets

Datasheet: HVR Support for AWS Data Integration

Datasheet: HVR Support for AWS Data Integration

Best Practice Guide to Data Integration onto AWS

Best Practice Guide to Data Integration onto AWS