Cloud Data Integration

Reduce latency and accelerate data movement within your cloud environments

Looking to integrate data into or within the cloud? Organizations often employ our solution for migrating and integrating:

  • Data stores from on-premises solutions to a new cloud platform
  • Data between multiple databases in the same cloud solution
  • Data between two separate cloud solutions

PostNL migrated their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud using HVR. To learn more about how PostNL used HVR to fully integrate into their Azure cloud, read the success story.

For more information about best practices for integrating data between on-premises and the cloud, download our Cloud Data Integration solution brief.

HVR has proven its stability and robustness. It keeps on running and running with minimal maintenance effort. HVR guarantees secure delivery of all our data. These aspects are even more important in running operations based on cloud solutions.
– PostNL

Bi-Directional Data Movement and Continuous Cloud Data Integrations

HVR allows you to move your data bi-directionally as you integrate data between on-premises solutions and the cloud. You can move high volumes of data with minimal latency and impact on database performance with our log-based change data capture feature.

With HVR, you get a complete solution for successful and continuous cloud data integrations: Table Creation and Initial LoadChange Data CaptureData Validation and Repair, and Automated Reporting and Monitoring.

With HVR, you can:

  • Reduce latency
  • Accelerate data movement
  • Ensure data is updated in real-time

By using HVR for cloud data integration, you gain support for all of your real-time cloud data integration scenarios with a single set-up.

Examples of Cloud Data Integration Using HVR

On-Prem to Cloud

On-Prem to Cloud

Intra-Cloud Integration

Intra-Cloud Integration

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