Cloud Data Integration

Continuously integrate data onto your cloud platform:

HVR has proven its stability and robustness. HVR guarantees secure delivery of all our data. These aspects are even more important in running operations based on cloud solutions. Post NL, Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud integration solutions

Looking to integrate data into or within the cloud?

Organizations often employ our solution for migrating and integrating:

Hybrid cloud

Data stores from on-premises solutions to a new cloud platform


Data between multiple databases in the same cloud solution


Data between two Separate cloud solutions

Why HVR for cloud integration?

Flexible architecture

  • HVR runs in a distributed architecture
  • Easy to set-up and deploy
  • Supports diverse topologies, including bi-directional


  • In hybrid scenarios, you get the ability to use proxies to shield source databases from direct access from outside the firewall
  • Encryption mode can be enabled as data moves
  • HVR offers HVR KMS support


  • Log-based CDC is a fast and efficient way to move data across the wire
  • Proprietary compression algorithm further compresses data
  • Deploy from one source to many targets

Customer stories

Nicholas and Company

Nicholas and Co. uses HVR to integrate data to the cloud and enable real-time analytics for its business intelligence team. Now they are able to make better decisions on inventory and more with real-time data being delivered fast.


Royal Dutch PostNL

PostNL offers mail, parcel and e-commerce products and services in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. HVR enabled successful cloud migration and continuous intercloud data integration.


HVR can be installed on the following cloud platforms:

HVR also supports supported databases and file systems running on an IaaS / PaaS environment, including (virtualized) environments provided by the cloud vendor. These environments include Oracle Cloud IaaS and Google Cloud IaaS.

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