Data Integration into Azure

Cloud Data Integration into Microsoft Azure

HVR for Azure is a special HVR edition optimized for Microsoft Azure.

HVR for Azure is for use in conjunction with a required on-premises HVR installation that can be obtained directly from us. To get a license for a trial installation, enter and submit your details in the form by clicking on the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of your screen.

Within 24 hours you will receive the access to download the on-premises installation and your trial license.

Questions about installation? See our FAQs or Contact Us.

HVR for Azure is a special HVR edition optimized for Microsoft Azure.

What you can do with HVR for Azure

  • Integrating Azure data with on-premises systems
  • Inter-cloud integration and migration
  • Enable zero downtime migrations to and from Azure

In addition to continuous replication with CDC, HVR for Azure supports batch/initial load of data and compare/repair (in both directions). This combination will enable you to:

  • Always keep data on-premises and cloud in-sync
  • Validate consistency between on-premises and cloud data sets
  • Reload data into the cloud
  • Fail-back to on-premises without losing cloud transactions

Monitoring and Reporting Features

  • Built-in monitoring dashboard
  • SNMP (simple network management protocol alerts) to integrate into existing enterprise solutions

Capture and Delivery Support

  • Azure SQL
  • MS SQL Server (log based)
  • Oracle (log based)
  • File locations
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