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Snowflake Data Integration

High Volume, Real-time data integration to Snowflake


The Snowflake Ready Validation Program helps ensure partner integrations adhere to Snowflake’s best practices, enabling customers to distinguish the multitude of available connectors and make more informed decisions.

The Snowflake Technology Partner Elite Program is reserved for partners whose technology exhibits exceptional data integration for joint customers.

Faster decisions

You are likely considering Snowflake or have adopted Snowflake because your organization seeks to digitally transform and become data-driven. HVR can deliver data into Snowflake fast and efficiently with powerful log-based change data capture so that analytics teams are making decisions on the freshest data.

Accurate data delivery

Fast and data-driven shouldn’t mean sloppy. Our built-in Data Compare functionality enables you and your teams feel confident that the data you are delivering is in sync. And sometimes, mishaps happen, our solution enables you to find what went wrong and fix the out-of-sync data.

Secure Data Delivery

Data and security go hand in hand. We encrypt data while at flight and at rest. In hybrid scenarios, a firewall proxy mitigates risk. We are continuously improving our security features so that customers can keep their data safe.

We support Snowflake on all major cloud platforms

HVR can be installed on:

Microsoft Azure VM IaaS

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services PaaS

Google Cloud Platform Iaas

Amazon EC2 IaaS

Amazon RDS Paas

Salesforce SaaS

Our Certifications

HVR also supports databases and file systems running on an IaaS / PaaS environment, including (virtualized) environments provided by the cloud vendor. These environments include Oracle Cloud IaaS and Google Cloud IaaS.