Data Lake Integration

Effortlessly consolidate data into your data lake

More organizations are adopting data lakes as part of their architecture for their low cost and efficiency in storing large volumes of data. The idea is simple: Instead of storing data in a purpose-built data store, you move it into a data lake in its original format. This eliminates the upfront costs of data ingestion and transformation. Once data is in the lake, it’s available to everyone in the organization for analysis.

While a data lake is an efficient solution, it does not come without challenges:

Initial on-boarding of data from multiple sources

Continual updates in real-time

Moving high volumes of data to the data lake while mitigating chatter and latency

Benefits of using HVR to feed your data lake include:


Accelerate data movement with minimal impact on systems


Efficiently load and update data



Scale the solution for multiple projects and systems


Real-time analytics

Move high volumes of data for real-time analysis

Get the right features for consolidating data into your enterprise data lake

HVR enables you to easily move data into your data lake and update it in real-time

What you get with an HVR subscription:

Key Features: See how change data capture, data validation and repair, and reporting all in one tool simplify data integration management.
Table Creation and Initial Load. Mapping data between source and target is automated and made easy.
Log-Based Change Data Capture. Only the changes are moved between source and target, a low impact way to move data.
Data Compare. Have assurance your data is accurate. HVR includes the ability to compare data before consumption.
Insights: This tool gives you the ability to view how data is moving in real-time, be proactive and identify chokepoints.

HVR customers consolidating data into data lakes

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