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Enterprise Data Lake

Effortlessly consolidate data into your data lake

How it works:

Instead of storing data in a purpose-built data store, move it into a data lake in its original format. This eliminates the upfront costs of data ingestion and transformation. Once data is in the lake, it’s available to everyone in the organization for analysis.

HVR for Enterprise Data Lake Consolidation offers:


HVR runs in a distributed architecture making it easy to set up, deploy, and make changes when needed. Our solution makes it easy to add sources and targets as you scale your data architecture up or down.

Fast & efficient

With HVR, you can move high volumes of data from disparate data sources into your data lake. Log-based change data capture enables efficient data movement, as changes are moved as they happen. This means little to no latency, impact on source systems so that your business can continue to hum along without disruption.

Real-time analytics

Data is moved to a data lake so that it can be easily moved and then transformed when ready for analysis. With HVR, your analytics teams can be confident that the data is there when needed without waiting.

Our supported cloud platforms:

HVR can be installed on:

Microsoft Azure VM IaaS

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services PaaS

Google Cloud Platform Iaas

Amazon EC2 IaaS

Amazon RDS PaaS

Salesforce SaaS

Our Certifications

HVR also supports supported databases and file systems running on an IaaS / PaaS environment, including (virtualized) environments provided by the cloud vendor. These environments include Oracle Cloud IaaS and Google Cloud IaaS.