Database Replication

Data Movement Between Databases Simplified

Organizations may want to move or replicate data from one database to another for many reasons.

Whatever your reason for replication, HVR makes it fast, easy and scalable to move data between disparate databases—without system overload.

Learn how HVR helped a large telecom, MobiCom, offload data from two Oracle databases into SQL Server.

HVR supports most commonly used databases such as Oracle, SQLServer, AzureSQL, and AmazonRDS. Visit our platform support page to learn more.

Looking to perform an Oracle or SQL Server Database Replication? Learn more in our blog post about these two common database replication scenarios.

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Data Changes Captured in Real-Time

HVR supports log-based change data capture out of most commonly used databases to enable real-time updates with minimal system impact. On a well-configured system, HVR captures data from the source as soon as it is committed to the online transaction log.

At the destination, HVR ensures scalability for large volumes of data for any target database through optimizations such as burst mode, coalescing changes, and the ability to combine transactions.

HVR simplifies data replication between databases with features such as:





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