Google Cloud Data Integration

Continuously integrate your data from a variety of data sources onto Google Cloud


Google BigQuery     |     Google CloudSQL     |     Google Cloud Storage     |     Google Compute Engine




  • Seamlessly migrate high volumes of data from on-premise or hybrid cloud environment to Google Cloud
  • Do it with little to no downtime
  • Ensure data accuracy with our Data Compare function

Data lake consolidation

  • Consolidate data from tens to hundreds of databases onto your Google Cloud
  • Guarantee fast, efficient, delivery of data
  • Ensure data accuracy and speed with Data Compare and Insights feature

Real-time analytics

  • Meet SLAs with efficient data delivery using Log-based CDC
  • Integrate data from a variety of on-premises and cloud platforms
  • Data Compare and Insights feature help you manage fast and accurate data

Why HVR for Google Cloud?

Flexible architecture

  • HVR runs in a distributed architecture
  • Easy to set-up and deploy
  • Supports diverse topologies, including bi-directional
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  • In hybrid scenarios, you get the ability to use proxies to shield source databases from direct access from outside the firewall
  • Encryption mode can be enabled as data moves


  • Log-based CDC is a fast and efficient way to move data across the wire
  • Proprietary compression algorithm further compresses data
  • Deploy from one source to many targets

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