High Availability

HVR is a Proven High Availability Software Solution

Eliminate the Costs (and headaches) of Downtime

In our data-first, real-time data world, you and your team are on the hook to make sure data is never lost.

System outages can have many causes: network interruptions, software bugs, power outages, natural disasters, or, most commonly, human errors. In all outages, you are under pressure to get systems back up and running to minimize business disruption. After system recovery, the question of whether any data was lost may linger.

Our high availability software solution prevents data loss and mitigates human errors so data is available 24 x 7.

The United States Coast Guard Uses HVR to replicate data into a standby database so that data is never lost. Read more about how the USCG uses HVR.

It performed near flawlessly from the very beginning. I would recommend HVR to organizations that seek excellent replicating solutions.
– Commander, United States Coast Guard

HVR is Coast Guard's High Availability Software Solution

Easily Create Standby Environments

Our high availability software solution mitigates, if not eliminates, the cost of downtime. Better still, your standby system remains continually available for real-time queries and reports.

With our system, you can:

  • Set up one or more standby environments
  • Keep the standby system(s) in sync through real-time log-based capture
  • Compare primary and standby environments, and, if necessary, repair any data-related differences

By using HVR for high availability, you eliminate downtime and risks associated with data loss.

Benefits of using HVR include:

  • Reduce latency with log-based change data capture
  • Simplify control with one command center
  • Prevent data loss

The United States Coast Guard Uses HVR for High Availability

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one of the country’s five armed services. In times of peace, USCG operates as part of the Department of Homeland Security, serving as the nation’s front-line agency for enforcing laws at sea, protecting the coastline and ports, and saving lives. When the nation is at war or at the direction of the President, USCG serves under the Navy Department.

HVR is the high availability software solution for US Coast Guard


  • Minimize impact of reports running against the production system while enabling real-time reporting
  • Needed a real-time replication technology to keep reporting and production systems in-sync
  • Mitigate data loss in the event of an outage or natural disaster

Solution: HVR is used to replicate data to a reporting database for real-time updates. HVR is also used for replicating to a standby database for continuity and recovery purposes.

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