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We selected HVR because it allowed us to perform real-time replication without putting any load on the source database.
Jason Rosenbaum, Director of Technology, Action Network

Why a real-time data warehouse?


Faster decisions

Make decisions quicker based on more current and more accurate, transactionally consistent data.

Fast delivery of accurate data

Eliminate the batch window that requires the source database and the data warehouse to be dormant during the load. Data can always be accurate and up-to-date.

Optimized processing

Get the opportunity to make optimum use of the powerful data warehouse database by running transformations in the database rather than in a separate run-time environment.

Why HVR for your real-time data warehouse?

Flexible architecture

  • HVR runs in a distributed architecture, which enables flexibility in design. Great for complex environments.
  • Easy to set-up and deploy
  • Supports diverse topologies, including bi-directional


  • In hybrid scenarios, you get the ability to use proxies to shield source databases from direct access from outside the firewall, even when multiple database sources are involved.
  • Encryption mode can be enabled as data moves


  • Log-based CDC is a fast and efficient way to replicate data without putting loads on the source
  • Proprietary compression algorithm further compresses data for faster processing
  • Deploy from many sources to your data warehouse

Shrink your timeline to delivery

Automate with HVR Partner, WhereScape

Pair HVR’s real-time data replication solution with WhereScape’s data warehouse automation software to accelerate and optimize data delivery to your organization.


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Why have a real-time Data Warehouse?

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Data warehouse customer stories

Action Network 

Action Network chose HVR for its parallelism and ability to move high volumes of data to RDS.



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