Real-Time Data

Enable High-Volume Data Movement for Real-Time Reporting

Our solution enables your company to access accurate and up-to-date data without the headaches that can come with moving large volumes of data.

24 x 7 access to real-time data means better decision making for your company, giving it a competitive edge. But delivering that access is easier said than done.

Challenges include:

  • Latency inherent in high-volume data movement
  • Data movement between disparate sources and targets in complex environments

Lufthansa uses HVR to populate hundreds of distributed databases with continuously changing data pertaining to routes, flight paths, air traffic, flight restrictions, weather conditions and more in real-time.

We have been using HVR now more than ten years for our flight planning system business.
– Senior Database Software Architect, Lufthansa Systems Airlines Operations Solutions

Run Your Queries Fast on Up-to-Date Data

Our solution enables you to stay competitive by continuously analyzing changing data generated by transactional systems, machines, sensors, mobile devices, and websites.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce OLTP over load
  • Move large volumes of data
  • Accelerate queries
  • Easily integrate with many different types of databases and applications

Our log-based change data capture capability captures large volumes of data in real-time out of commonly used OLTP source databases to a variety of analytical relational target databases. Our data compression functionality enables you to quickly run queries on up-to-date data in your data warehouse.

These features and more make data availability continuous and efficient for your business.

Example of how HVR can help you integrate data for real-time reporting

Real-Time Business Intelligence

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