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Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Data Replication For
Real-Time Reporting

 Good business decisions are based on real-time access to relevant information.

HVR Software can capture large volumes of data in real-time out of commonly-used OLTP source databases to load a variety of analytical relational target databases.

Instead of waiting for the next batch load HVR enables you to access data in real-time into your analytical database. Stop overloading the busy OLTP system just because you want current data in your analytics. Run your queries fast on your data warehouse against up-to-date data!

Real-time data replication from various sources into various mpp databases suitable for reporting and analytics, easy and quick

HVR supports log-based change data capture from all editions of Oracle including Exadata, SQL Server, DB2 and Ingres. Supported targets include any of the supported sources as well as Teradata, Pivotal's Greenplum and Hawq, and Actian's Analytics Platform databases Vector (Vectorwise) and Matrix (ParAccel).

Implementing high volume, real-time data integration can be done simply. HVR provides:

  • Initial load including DDL generation for your target database tables based on the source database.
  • Incremental log-based CDC with transformation capabilities.
  • Compare/repair capabilities to ensure systems remain in-sync.
  • GUI control.

For more information:

Leading organizations have chosen HVR for real-time business intelligence including Aspen Marketing Services and the US Coast Guard. Maybe you should too?