Extend the Power of Your SAP Data

HVR puts you in control of your data with features that allow you to replicate high volumes of data from SAP HANA and/or ECC


Efficiently extract data from SAP with log-based Change Data Capture and our proprietary compression algorithm, which increases transfer speed and volume capabilities


A simple GUI enables you to save time, set up once, deploy many


Deliver data accurately with Compare and Repair function and ensure latency minimums are met with Insights feature


HVR can help you:

  • Migrate data from SAP ECC onto HANA
  • Replicate high volumes data in real-time from SAP HANA
  • Get data out of cluster and pool tables
  • Continuously deliver from SAP into multiple targets at once
  • Leverage the efficiency of log-based change data capture for low-impact and fast data integration
  • Learn more about the power of log-based CDC vs Trigger Based CDC here

HVR customers unlocking their SAP data

Case Study:

How an aerospace company leveraged HVR to extract data from their SAP systems


This HVR customer is an aerospace organization that operates an internal analytics platform. The centralized platform supports data across three business units: commercial airlines, defense & space, and global services.

Their primary challenge was to move data from a variety of sources, including SAP HANA for real-time reporting. This included:

  • 1,000s of operational systems to support from many vendors which run across multiple platforms, such as; Oracle, SQL Server, HANA, and other OLTP databases or mainframes.


  • Many of these applications are custom developed, packaged, with a few SaaS offerings. They have 100s of data warehouse analytical support systems to deploy and manage which are also on a variety of analytical platforms, like; Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop, NoSQL DBMS, as well as others.


The customer selected HVR because it can securely, efficiently, and operationally support the wide range of sources and targets to support their real-time analytics needs.


The customer was able to achieve near real-time movement of data from their enterprise applications (SAP and others) to their internal analytic platform. This was a key step of many in their journey to digitally transforming their organization.

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Webinar: Unlocking SAP Data with HVR

Are you trying to use SAP data as part of a greater reporting or data lake initiative?

HVR is one of the only independent SAP data integration tools that can unlock S/4 HANA data in continuous real-time.

In this webinar HVR’s CTO, Mark Van de Wiel, discusses the challenges of extracting data from SAP ECC and SAP HANA. He talks about why it’s important to have the ability to extract and leverage this data in continuous real-time for common use cases such as data lakes, data warehousing and consolidated reporting.


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