Reply To: Case-sensitive table or column names


Hello, and thank you for the question in the HVR forum related to supporting case-sensitive objects (table names).

For your case, it might be best to open a support ticket so that we can give you the best and most timely support. Our support portal is located at:

Before creating a ticket, please be sure to collect all of the supporting case documentation. For example, for your incident, please include:

* HVR version(s) – source/target/hub/console

* Source/Target platform details (database/version)

* An example of the DDL to create source table which is displaying the issue

* the full HVR error message including the full HVR log file (These are located in $HVR_CONFIG/log/<hub name>/<channel>.out)

* export of your hub


Thank you,


Glenn Goodrich


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