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Hello DGarber,

This is a common replication requirement most commonly asked by test/QA teams. Currently using the HVR Console, you cannot set a single action at the channel name to accomplish your table definition needs, but instead (as you mentioned), you would have to add a TableProperties action for every table setting the /BaseName parameter to the complete target table name.

There are a couple tips and tricks you can experiment with, such as:

1. Export channel

2. Generate SQL into the HVR repository

For the Export Channel suggestion, you can try to first build  your complete channel definition, then export it, then edit the resulting export.xml file by doing a string substitution. The string substitution would involve changing tbl_base_name=” value to be tbl_base_name=”XX_.

The other thought was to generate the SQL statements that would insert rows into the HVR table property action and set the the /basename parameter values for every table. I don’t have a sample script available today that performs this type of SQL statement, but I will ask around if someone else has an example.

I hope those tips and tricks work for you to meet your requirement.



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