Reply To: HVR 4.x to HVR 5.x Steps


Hello Rajan,

You will find details on how to perform an HVR upgrade between 4.x and 5.x on the main wiki page which can be found here:

Here are some short responses to your specific questions:

1) Is it all about installing new version & restart the listener?

HVR>> In general, the upgrade approach has a few simple steps, such as: 1. stop the scheduler and listener services, 2. install the new binaries to the home directory, 3. start the listener and scheduler. However, between 4.x and 5.x, there are some additional steps/considerations to review which are documented in the link I provided.

2) Will this upgrade require any Restart of Database ?


3) Will you turn off DB/Suppl. log enabled  ?

No, supplemental logged remained enabled on all tables as that is required for CDC replication.







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