Reply To: Environment setting for commandtimeout


Hi Mark,

I am also facing same issue “F_JD22D3 DBMS error [Communication link failure. comm rc=8413 – CWBCO1054 – A user-specified time-out occurred while sending or receiving data]. DBMS error number [8413]. SQL State [08S01]. DBMS version [*******] Last query [‘*******’]”.

I have tried using SQL_PREPARE_TIMEOUT=30000 as environment variable. In general very high value. But, no luck.

Can you help to know , what is value for this HVR_ODBC_CONNECT_STRING_ADD?
How can we add SQL_PREPARE_TIMEOUT to it?

What is purpose of QUERYTIMEOUT ? Does this also need to be add in HVR_ODBC_CONNECT_STRING_ADD? If yes, what is recommended value for it?


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