Backward Compatibility Issue: HVR GUI not showing all actions or action parameters

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    Simon Faas

    Due to a problem with compatibility between HUB and certain GUI versions, several problems can occur:

    Wrong matching of parameters to actions, causing, e.g. the gui to display: Environment /Name /NoBeforeUpdate
    Crashed on actions using very new parameters.
    GUI not showing some actions (e.g TableProperties)

    This can occur when an HVR GUI version older than 4.7.3/8 connecting to a hub version newer than version 4.7.3/8

    If that is the case in your environment then please upgrade the HVR GUI to a version greater than 4.7.3/8 (e.g. 4.7.3/25).

    This is bug-report HVR-957 which was fixed in versions 4.7.1/40 & 4.7.3/9

    Please contact customer support if you encounter problems

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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