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    Hi, This error is coming during CDC
    2017-03-12 11:10:56: XXXX: F_JT1456: Log parsing error F_JZ1201. Supplemental logging information is missing for change type 5.1 within record with SCN 0x0CD7.5C60493C. Supplemental logging should have been enabled automatically. The previous error occurred during parsing an operation for table id 172424 (mtl_item_locations [inv.mtl_item_locations]). To report this to Technical Support, send the following; (1) The complete error message. (2) Enroll file $HVR_CONFIG/router/<hub>/<chn>/loc_<loc>/*.enroll (3) Dbms log files ‘/opt/shared/HVR/data/hvr_config462/files/thread_2_seq_53008.8658.938389997.copyz’ and ‘/opt/shared/HVR/data/hvr_config462/files/thread_2_seq_53007.8654.938389963.copyz’. After saving these files, re-run the capture job to check the error and dbms log file mentioned in it stays the same. To skip this transaction’s changes to this table, use command {hvrcontrol -c -l <loc> -s -tmtl_item_locations -whvr_tx_id=0x69000c00000000 -x0 <hub> <chn>}. If this fails, skip all log records for this log address with command {hvrcontrol -c -l <loc> -s “-whvr_rba=’t2.0x00cf10.00027fdc.0118′” -x0 <hub> <chn>}. If this fails too, skip all log records for this timestamp with command {hvrcontrol -c -l <loc> -s “-whvr_rec_tstamp=2017-03-11 23:52:56” -x0 <hub> <chn>}. Afterwards, restart the capture job. The skipped change(s) can be recovered later with on-line refresh; {hvrrefresh -r <loc> -tmtl_item_locations -qwo <hub> <chn>}.
    F_JT1410: The previous error occurred after scanning record 11377221, which has RBA t2.0x00cf10.00027fdc.0118 and timestamp 2017-03-11 23:52:56.

    Simon Faas


    In general this means that supplemental logging is not enabled at some level in the Oracle source database.
    HVR needs it to be on the database level (minimum) and at the table level (either PK columns or all columns depending on the configuration)

    Please read the “Requirements for Oracle” paragraph in the User Manual for more detail.


    – HVR Initialize with “Supplemental logging” options is able to add the required supplemental logging.

    – Supplemental logging needs to be enabled before the capture is initialized. It can’t be retro fitted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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