How to configure the max text repl size server configuration option in SQL Server

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    This article describes detailed steps to follow to configure the option max text repl size server in SQL Server by using sp_configure which is Transact-SQL or SQL Management Studio

    1] Configuration using Transact-SQL

    2] Configuration using SQL management studio

    A] Configuration using Transact-SQL

    • Connect to the database Engine
    • Click on New query button on the Standard bar

    • In the query window perform the below commands




    EXEC sp_configure ‘show advanced options’, 1 ;


    • When show advanced optionsis set to 1, you can list the advanced options by using
    • When this command is executed the result message prompts user to run reconfigure statement. This statement updates the config_value which is 1 in our case. Image A and B.


    Image A

    Image B

    • In the next step below command will be executed which will configure the value of max text repl size to -1 which means there is no size limit other than the one that is imposed by data type. Followed by this will be to RECONFIGURE the configuration to install it. Please refer to Image C and Image D

    EXEC sp_configure ‘max text repl size’, -1 ;


    Image C

    Image D


    B] Configuration using SQL Server Management Studio

    • Right-click on the database server and click on Properties

    • In the list of properties select Advanced Properties

    • On the next screen under Miscellaneous you would have to manually change the value for Max text Replication Size to -1 and then hit OK. This will take effect immediately.

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