Why do you encounter error F_JD21D5 when you test the connection?

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    Why would you see the error F_JD21D5 returned when you do a Test Connection on a Location?


    The F_JD21D5 error is as follows:

    F_JD21D5: The above error occurred while attempting to execute SQL statement(s) from environment variable HVR_SQL_INIT

    HVR_SQL_INIT is an environment variable that is sometimes added to a channel to avoid locking of the target tables when running HVR compare. The error F_JD21D5 may sometimes be returned from a Test Connection when one of the channels for this hub has this variable set.

    The underlying cause for this is when doing a Test Connection to the database, HVR may pick up this variable and after successfully connecting to the database, try to run the statement even if it is not correct for that database type (such as Oracle) and get a syntax error.

    This is a harmless error when received as a result of a Test Connection. In fact, since it reports a database error, it confirms that HVR has in fact successfully connected to the database. This error will still allow you to create channel as you would create any other channel.

    However, if after receiving this error you are not able to create channels or if you run into other issues, please log a support ticket.



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