How do I test connection to an Oracle RAC cluster using hvrtestlistener

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    Frank Knot

    To ensure connectivity to the HVR listeners installed in a RAC cluster here are two things you should test:.

    1. Test connection to the listener of EACH of individual nodes. For each node, run the hvrtestlistener as normal:

    $ hvrtestlistener node1 4343

    2. Test the RAC redirection (and a random listener), the way HVR does internally:

    $ hvrtestlistener rac://scan/SERVICE 4343

    This second method uses the same redirection that HVR uses when you configure an oracle location using the RAC radio button. The full syntax of the url is:


    After the redirection has determined which node to connect to (on of the cluster nodes that the service is running on), the regular hvrtestlistener action continues its connection to that node.

    Be wary of only running the RAC redirect test: you might end up at a correctly configured node1, and miss that node2 is not working, due to some configuration inconsistency.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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